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MF Marshall Matt Dillon
senior herdsire
DOB: 08/15/2002
Height:  31"

Sire:  Macford's Rex, 32 1/2" brown
    Grandsire:  Red Sonfire, 31 1/2" dark red
        Great-grandsire:  Redsonnehi, 31 1/4" red
        Great-granddam:  Jennie Sam of Bell E Acres, 32 1/2" red
    Granddam:  Lazy N Notch, 32 1/2" brown/gray-dun
Dam:  MF Annie, 32" dark brown
    Grandsire:  1/2 Pint Scooter, 31 1/3" dark brown
    Granddam:  MF Ruthy, 33" dark brown

I already had a jack to be my herdsire, and actually purchased Dillon and another youngster while on a trip to Texas with the idea of bringing them home to sell to fund the trip.  Dillon hadn't been home for a week when I knew I couldn't let him go, so I sold my older jack even though it meant a year delay in starting our breeding program.  There was just SOMETHING about this boy... and he has proven my feelings right!  The wait was well worth it, I couldn't be happier with him physically, and he has personality plus!

And in talking with Marion Sohl, a breeder in Texas who has a cousin of Dillon, I discovered that his grandsire Red Sonfire is a pretty hot donkey in the shows back in the midwest!  I also discovered that there is a 50/50 chance that Dillon carries the red gene, so I plan to have him DNA tested to be sure.  If he IS brown(red recessive) then I could purchase some red or red recessive jennets and have a good chance at red foals!

Some of my favorite pictures of Dillon:


These are part of a series of him chasing after my pony Skeye (circa 2006 I believe)
well hello there pretty girl...

gonna get his girl...


and he wins a kiss...

tired boy...

SOLD May 1, 2014 - Congratulations to Jessica of El Mirage, AZ
Mirror P Marshall Wiley Haines
junior herdsire
DOB:  2004
Height:  33"

Wiley was hardshipped into the registry as he came through an auction in Missouri, purchased by folks in New Mexico who lived next door to a friend of mine, who hooked me up to complete the purchase.  Unfortunately we have no idea of his history but based on his behavior, wherever he came from they didn't spend much time with their donkeys!  Wiley had no clue what a brush was, or loving scritches, or treats!  At first I called him my "Eeyore donkey" because he seemed so sad and depressed... but he soon discovered that he had landed in a pretty good place and he's one of the first to stick his head through the fence now!  He has the ONE thing that Dillon is missing... SPOTS!

Some pictures of Wiley:

The day I brought him home:

Some closeups

Wiley and the two spotted girls, Taffy Leah and Becky Lynn

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